Sensei Vladimir Jorga: Piatra-Neamț is qualified enough to hold the European Karate Championship 2017


piatraneamtSensei Vladimir Jorga – 9 Dan, President of the European Traditional Karate Federation, was present in Piatra-Neamț – Romania during the stage for Moldova Area of the National Traditional Karate Championship for Cadets, Juniors, Seniors and Youth, held during the weekend of 25-27 March. It is an event supported by the municipality of Piatra-Neamț – Romania and the mayor Dragoș Chitic.

Moreover, Piatra-Neamt joined a competition to host the European Karate Championship Fudokan 2017. Although the city competes with European cities the size of Paris, Sensei Vladimir Jorga congratulated the municipality for proper administration of the city. „I would like to thank Mr. Nicolaie Mărăndici because I was invited in Romania and Sensei Paul Pintilie for the invitation to Piatra-Neamț. It is my first time here and I had the opportunity to visit and analyze the technical possibilities of the organization in Piatra-Neamț of the European Karate Championship. I can say Piatra-Neamț is qualified enough to hold this championship, especially because there are so many children and cadets here in Romania. Honestly speaking, I am very surprised. It’s a very beautiful city! „, said Sensei Vladimir Jorga.

At a press conference held at the city hall of Piatra-Neamt before the Traditional Karate National Championship for Cadets, Juniors, Youth and Seniors, Sensei Vladimir Jorga, president of the European Traditional Karate Federation and M.D, Ph.D., had the opportunity to present some of the benefits on health of practicing karate.

sensei-vladimir-jorga„We started research and medical studies 40 years ago. Karate is a traditional art. In Japan was accepted as an art, which is why there have been no comprehensive studies on training karate and karate disciplines’ influence on human health. For 40 years we have published many scientific articles. I can tell you that in terms of education, especially in children between 5 and 12, one of the best discipline is karate. It teaches children working habits, self-esteem and feeling that they are responsible. It is very important at this period of development in the character of children. Practicing karate positively affects the cardiovascular system, heart and blood vessels. In terms of metabolic practicing karate can control the level of blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol. It is something we recommend our veterans over 50 years,  to continue karate training.”, said Sensei Vladimir Jorga.

Because when we talk about health, we include the mental part, not just the physical one, it is important to note the fact that many people suffer from mental illnesses. In this regard, there are several studies addressing karate as a form of therapy for people (children or adults) who experience psychiatric disease or certain types of disabilities.

„We recently started some studies in this regard, related to stress and depression. Karate is one of the ways we can fight these problems. We started a new discipline devoted to people with mental disabilities, paraplegic, people with visual or auditory disabilities, even people suffering from Down Syndrome. I was part of such a program at Long Island University in Brooklyn and noticed a Brazilian program with excellent results in this regard for children with Down syndrome. The competition is adapted to their level and giving them the opportunity to practice this sport. Of course it has a positive impact on their health. „, concluded Sensei Vladimir Jorga.

The mayor Dragoș Chitic concluded the press conference saying: „I would like to thank in particular Mr. Vladimir Jorga, both for the kind words expressed about the city of Piatra Neamt and the advocacy related to this sport. „

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